Known as, The Hitch of Personal & Professional Communication, Nicole Updegraff is a Communication Strategist and Crisis Management Professional providing painless conflict resolution strategies for people in a bind. For years, her referral-only crisis management services were known as “the best kept secret” among high profile individuals going through personal and professional conflict. Whether you are a CEO involved in high stakes business negotiations, a Public Persona in the midst of a scandal, someone who has to tell a client something they don’t want to hear, or an individual at odds with their spouse, Nicole’s ability to help people communicate strategically to get what they want, navigate misunderstandings and resolve conflict within delicate or high stakes situations, has made her an invaluable resource for CEO’s, Entertainers, Professional Athletes, and everyday individuals with regard to their professional and personal relations.

As a Communication Strategist, Nicole coaches her clients on how to approach every interaction, whether it be personal or professional, in a way that does not allow their emotions, or ego, to undermine their intent. In delicate situations, she provides tools, based on the circumstance and relationship dynamic, to communicate in ways that disarm and ensure the other party can best receive what’s being said (even in heated disagreements). Additionally, she helps clients develop the ability to be self aware; using words carefully and with intent. In doing so, they learn to naturally navigate misunderstandings, identify and avoid landmines which trigger negative reactions, resolve conflict and communicate strategically to get desired results from their interactions.

As a Crisis Management Professional, Nicole provides interview coaching, media statements, online reputation management services, and develops narratives designed to soften public perception, allowing clients to move beyond past mistakes and misunderstandings, while mitigating damage to their personal and public personas.

Nicole’s no nonsense, solution-based approach is highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike. With the decision to make her services available on a broader scale, she is looking forward to helping even more individuals master their interactions, minimize conflict, control their own narratives and achieve their desired results, even when the odds are stacked against them.