Dr. Glenna is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private therapy practice in Torrance, CA. She has coined the mantra “Therapy is a Lifestyle” which encourages one to make a concerted effort to focus on their mental health before it becomes a mental illness. As a mental healthy therapist with nearly two decades of experience and education, she provides tools and resources to, not just manage our lives, but thrive in our lives despite the stresses and pressures that may affect us daily.

Specializing in anxiety-based disorders, she treats individuals and couples with issues ranging from personal struggles to serious mental health challenges. Her role in the mental health community is to address stress and anxiety issues that can breed chaos, confusion and conflict with evidence based, client centered, easy to implement restorative practices.

Through her public speaking endeavors, small group trainings and specialized content curation, Dr. Glenna’s goal is to transform the knowledge she has gained through her experience and education into practical tips for self-improvement that can reach a broader audience. She hopes that everyone she encounters walks away knowing two things: That there is too much information in the world for anyone to have to struggle and that everyone has the capacity to experience amazing change, with the right tools and support.

Raised in Long Beach, CA, Dr. Glenna received her Bachelor of Social Work from San Jose State University. For her graduate studies, she received her Master of Social Work from California State University, Fullerton and her Doctor of Social Work from USC being a part of the first graduating class in both programs.